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A song by Joe Rathburn, From the album Rockwells and Picassos


Closer to the Moon
Words & Music by Joe Rathburn
Copyright 1993 Joe Own Music BMI
Lyrics printed by permission

Cruisin’ down the road at night
Watchin’ all the countryside roll by
Illuminated by the light of half a white-hot silver dollar
Pokin’ through the black backdrop of a midnight sky
I keep on drivin’ towards it
radio playin’ some old Van Morrison tune
Maybe I’m just crazy but I think I’m getting’ closer to the moon

I saw this guy the other day
Throw a beer can right out of his car
So I looked at him and hollered “Hey!”
I picked the can up and tossed it back
He drove off yellin’ “Just who do you think you are?
One day I’ll get in someone’s face
And tell ‘em that they ought to shape up soon, and
just like ol’ Ed Norton I’ll find myself much closer to the moon

Hey diddle, diddle, the cat and the fiddle
The dish ran away with the spoon
“Now if that cow got up there…”, I thought from my highchair
“I bet I can make it, yes I can make it”

Now I’ve got these lofty dreams
And lots of folks may picture me a fool
‘Cuz I take my ideals to extremes, that’s one way to get ahead
when two steps forward and one step back
seems to be the rule
I’m workin’ towards a better world and I won’t let no one puncture my balloon
Guess as long’s I’m tryin’ to shoot it
I might as well get closer to the moon
Just a little closer to the moon
Think I’m getting’ closer to the moon
Closer to the moon
Here I go

Acoustic guitar & vocal – Joe Rathburn
Bass – Glen “Fish” Fisher
Cajon & percussion – Craig “Z” Zarkos
Pedal steel guitar – Gerry Walker
Soprano Sax – John Rekevics