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words & music by Joe Rathburn

Well hello there,
funny runnin' into you like this
well I guess it's
not as strange as it appears
I've been hoping
for a chance to talk to you like this
since we lost touch,
I've been hoping it for years
so tell me...

Is it true what I've been hearing
You've had your ups and downs
so have I,
but, I had a feeling
you needed me somehow

Been a long time,
and the years have done a job on me
I was thinking
how you haven't changed at all
Young and clever,
and immortal was the way
we used to be
It's a rude awakening,
when you find you're not that tall
They tell me...

Falling is the risk of flying
You get to soar (too sore) sometimes
ain't it strange
I had this feeling
you needed me right now

I could hear you calling,
so clear and plain
a voice like sunshine through the rain

There's a picture,
that I keep up on my wall of you (a view)
and you're grinning,
Cheshire cat that ate the bird
Let me see that
precious smile here once again,
before I go
that one picture
is worth a billion words
Let me tell you...
I'm glad we had the time together
It's made me feel so good
So so long
untill the next time
that you need me right now

And I will hear you calling
so clear and plain
a voice like sunshine through the rain
You are like a rainbow,
need I explain
You are sunshine through the rain