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words & Music by Joe Rathburn

I know this waitress
works in a small cafe
Serves you with a smile
gives all her tips away
to the needy homeless souls
that drop in late at night
She can't afford it
but it helps them see the light

We can all be little suns
sheddin' light everywhere we go
Warmin' up our atmosphere
causin' that love to grow
or we could keep to our own space
and let the world be a colder place
or we can all
we can all be little suns

I know this fella
he sings high and sweet
plays real good guitar
plays it with his feet
he may not have arms
but he's got that light within
and when he sings and plays
he shines it out again


Mother Teresa
would’ve given you her own shirt
That little old lady
out tacklin' great big hurt
A super-nova
is what she's come to be
but she can still use some help
from suns like you and me


We've all known trouble
everyone has felt a loss
Everyone has stood the strain
from carryin' `round their cross
Now with all this common ground
why don't we plant the seed
and reap the harvest
that we all so badly need