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JoePromo_1268547760Hi, thanks for stopping by. I’ve been plying my trade, music, since about 1972; never with an aim toward becoming rich and famous, but just because it seemed like what I was made to do…what I loved to do most. Years later, I’m still lovin’ what I do.
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jr_monkey-quad-badge_500pxSinger/Songwriter Showcases

The Folkey Monkey is my heartspace, my soul gig.

Each show, I invite a guest singer/songwriter to join me on stage for two hours. They’ve chosen a theme (usually an artist they admire, or a topic) and we intersperse songs on the theme with our original music, trading songs back and forth and playing along with each other as much as we can.

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Folks are always asking me “What are you doin’?” “Where are ya playin’?” “When’s the next show?” “How do I get to the Folkey Monkey?” “Who’s your next guest?” “How much are tickets?” “Are tickets available in advance?” and a plethora of other questions.

Well, they’re all answered in my twice monthly newsletter, The Monkey Musings.

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jr_cds-quad-badge_500pxThe CDs

Yes, I’ve made some recordings, and starting with 1997’s Little Suns, I’ve tried to keep my standards high while telling my tale through the songs I’ve written.

All of my recorded product is available through my store page which is powered by You can listen to a sample of any song of mine you wish. You can then buy the whole CD, or the individual song as an MP3.

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