Wow, we made it through 2020, and there is lots to look forward to. I'm going to be cautiously optimistic, and know that it will be a better year all around for us all.

One great thing to have come out of 2020 was that I got to form a band with my buddies Jeff Stasny, Art Fisher, and Jim Reeves. We're The Buddy System. Because of Vision's continued commitment to growth, and their constant support of my music, we had a place to play at least twice a month from which we could broadcast our shows live to YOUR LIVING ROOMS! That ain't bad at all. In fact it's pretty freakin' cool.

This coming Thursday, 1/14/2021, at 7:00 PM Pacific time, we'll be firing up the tunes again and our theme will be kind of year in review/best of 2020's shows kinda thang. I've asked the guys to go over the list of all the songs we did together last year, and choose some of their favorites. They'll send their lists back to me and we'll make a set list up from that.

If you can't tune in yourself for whatever reason, please, help us out by spreading the word. Share this email by forwarding it to a friend (be sure to warn them it's coming so they don't think they're subscribed and hit the Unsubscribe button at the bottom! That would unsubscribe you!). Share it on Facebook, tell your friends about the show. It's a numbers game after all. For us to be self-sustaining we need a very large base of interested fans so even if only a small percentage of them tune in it will still be a respectable number.

I'll end by paraphrasing the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers: "Music will get you through times of no money, better than money will get you through times of no music."

With love,
Joe Rathburn


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